About Us

From first storyboard, through illustrative stills and early animations, to the final version of the real thing… it's all about collaboration.

We work with clients, not for them. We build relationships, so we can work together to build animations that precisely meet the brief. Open, frank and transparent relationships all the way down the line. It's why clients turn to Digit time and again, to get their business moving.

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Work Flow Process

1. Research & Planning

Gaining a full and comprehensive understanding of what's required ensures a successful outcome. Our years of practical experience has tought us this founding principle and it's something we're proud of. Getting the technical details and creative approach right in the planning stage provides clear intent and focus for the rest of the process.

2. Storyboarding

The first visuals are usually storyboards, allowing us to quickly draft all the key elements together, check technical detail and provide an overall picture. During this process different ideas and changes can be quickly made and ideas tried out without incurring costly rework.

3. Modelling

With technical understanding and creative treatment in place, our 3D designers create the neccessary 3D models and any other required components. Using all the materials gathered at the research stage, the carefully crafted models are created, ready for the final step.

4. Animate

Following the storyboard, the final animated sequence is built up and test renders provided at key stages for approval until the final animation is complete. Post-production special effects and audio tracks are the last parts to be added before the final output is ready.