Control Rooms

Offshore and Onshore

From new builds to existing adaptions, we have delivered specialist design and engineering for Control Room facilities in the oil & gas, emergency services and transport sectors.

Control Rooms sit at the heart of operations in many potentially hazardous environments. Their purpose is purely functional, which is why efficiency and effectiveness are at the core of our designs.

We offer a holistic service – combining our Human Factors expertise with our architectural knowledge to provide the end user with a practical design that is functional and buildable.


Control Rooms often work in conjunction with a number of adjoining spaces and functions, which can include supervisor’s offices, permit offices, emergency briefing rooms, equipment rooms, breakout areas, kitchens and toilets. How all these spaces function with the Control Room is as important as the design of the Control Room itself. We work can work with your team to deliver a solution that address all the instrumental architectural elements including acoustics, lighting, HVAC, and visual and physical ergonomics. We develop these around the function of the Control Room itself, combining all inputs from operations, instrumentation, human factors, ergonomics, and human/machine interfaces.