Design & Engineering

Our team has decades of experience in living quarters design and engineering for the marine industry. From cabins and high-end public spaces on cruise ships to accommodation on polar exploration vessels, we provide a level of expertise that combines contemporary design with modern materials to provide safe, functional, desirable solutions.

Our philosophy is to engage with the end user at the concept/feasibility stage to ensure a full lifecycle understanding of projects at both the environmental design and operational levels. From this, we will work with our clients to reduce the vessel's carbon footprint, improve the efficiency and profitability, and enhance the welfare and well-being of passengers and crew.

Key activities include deck house design and hull accommodation design in partnership with the shipyard. Our range of expertise includes:

  • Naval architecture
  • Multi-discipline design team
    Interacting early with clients and manufacturers to define key project elements.
  • Pre-fabricated cabin design
  • Cabin furniture design
    Working with client to meet the requirements of both passengers and crew.
  • Public Space design

Including restaurants, bars, cinemas, theatres, spa & fitness centres, retail areas, etc.

  • Bridge Design
  • Galley / Laundry Design
  • IMO assurance


  • Conceptual/Feasibility studies including manning studies
  • Detailed design packages
  • Human Factors engineering, incorporating ergonomics
  • Spatial studies
  • Design regulatory compliance
  • Site support / Interface with client/shipyard

Design Standards

Design standards include SOLAS, ILO, DNV, Lloyds, ABS, MARPOL & MLC amongst others.